We gamified kindness

A game for happiness
for people who are into:

– Changing the world!
– Helping others!
– Having fun!

This is the Good Card

The Good Card is a real physical card made from recycled plastic which gives you access in The Good Cards app.

Scan the card with our mobile app (beta version) and you will be sent on a mission to do something good for someone else.

The good card

How does The Good Cards work?

Track the journey of your card…

…and watch your good deed travel the world. Our coolest feature is the ability to track your card. You can see the journey of your card by following its activity and seeing the stories and locations of kindness. You will be notified every time your card is used and share in the experience of happiness.

As seen on…

Cards in over
stories published
there are
beta app versions

The Good Box is NOW available. Grab yours before they run out and experience all that The Good Cards has to offer! Includes a batch of Good Cards and a special mission wristband just for you.

Join the movement

The movement has already started! The cards are in over 33 countries! Cards have arrived in USA, Bolivia, Colombia, Belgium, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Portugal, Poland, Jordan, Ukraine, Australia Switzerland, the UK, Canada, Indonesia and Malaysia! Are you going to be a part of it?

What people are saying…

“In a world where it seems like bad news is everywhere you turn, this is such a refreshing idea. What a great way to spread kindness”

– Pam

“I love that there is this Good Cards out there so that you can do random acts of kindness so to speak, that’s very important! Being able to have fun and do this? Perfection!”

– Maureen

How do I get a card?

The game has already started! Sign up to join in.