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Your good deed starts

How would you feel if you knew that one good deed affected thousands of people?
Did you realize your one small gesture of kindness or good deed can create a domino effect of paying it forward?
The problem is there was no way to see this beautiful domino effect. UNTIL TODAY!


What is “The Good Card”?

  The Good card is first, game based program in the world that allows you to track the domino effect of your good deed.

The Good Card starts from your good deed, recording each new act of kindness as it passes from one person to the next. As the good vibes spread, you can discover the stories you inspired by tracking your card on our app or website.

Do good. Feel good. Watch the Good Vibes travel.

The good card

How does it work?

Track the Domino effect
of your good deed

So, how far will your good deed travel? First time in the world, you can see it, track it, comment it. So, how far will your good deed travel? The Good Card has no limits or boundaries. They travel all over the world! Our system enables you to track its locations, as well as like comment and share other people’s inspiring stories.

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System of Guidance and Missions!

The Good Card is a completely unique way of spreading love. If you aren’t exactly sure what to do, don’t worry! There are 12 life changing missions awaiting you. We created an entire guidance system to make sure the good will be passed forward. Join other dreamers, or go at it alone, and inspire your community!

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12 missions for 12 months to change the world – Experts worldwide

We have designed 12 missions that cover the most important global challenges. To make this happen we interviewed experts worldwide about helping the homeless, creating a better world for animals, and dealing with Climate change. The good card becomes something bigger.

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Discover amazing stories
from people doing good
across the globe.

Because of our news feed system, you have access not only to stories of your cards, but also to see the stories from people across the globe. Get inspired, Like comment. Follow the cards with the best stories!

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Get notified about
Good Card activity

How wonderful it would be to see how your good deed is changing the world?

Now that is possible. Get notified about every new story that happened because of you, as well as every new activity on the card including registration and location!

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Collective goals in game

We are the dreamers, we act as one. This is one of our favorite features because it calculates our collective impact. Our first goal? Restore the faith in humanity with 1 million anonymous good deeds! With the ability to see how we are getting there.

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Who are we?

We are inspired idealists and doers who with every act, big and small, are forming a better world. The Good Card is built by dreamers who believe that a BETTER world is possible. We don’t listen to those who say we can’t do something, we act on it and prove them wrong. That is why we want to inspire others to believe, dream, and achieve positive change.

Our Mission

Positively impact millions of people’s lives by creating a fun tool which encourages people to do good, help each other, and be present to the impact each individual can make! By doing that, we are all playing our role in creating a Better World.


  • Change lives – change the world!

    Together we can really make a difference, not only in one life but in lives of millions of people! Play your role in creating a Better World. Do good and inspire others to do the same.

  • Experience a deeper meaning of life!

    We all want to experience a life full of meaning and purpose.
    We want to experience each other’s happiness not each other’s misery. It is in our human nature. By changing other people’s lives we create a deeper meaning in ours and allow ourselves to expressively connect to the world.

  • Create stories and connections that wouldn’t be created otherwise.

    With The Good Cards, you have a chance to unite. No matter what religion or political party we associate with, we all connect on the most basic level of human nature and all want to do good for one another! Deepen your connection with the world.

  • Have fun!
    Change the world through play!

    We believe changing the world should be fun, how else would we get everyone to do it? We create the unique user experience, with a game structure, so everyone can engage and have fun while changing the world!

  • Connecting Dreamers. Daring Change.

    We believe changing the world should be fun, or how else will we get everyone doing it? We create the unique user experience, based on the game structure, so everyone could smile more and have fun while changing the world!

  • Feel and share the happiness!

    Increase your positive emotional state by doing something good, and make other people feel good as well. Did you know that kindness improves personal health & well-being and gives a boost to your immune system? Share happiness and feel great – you deserve it!

Other DREAMERS said…

It was great fun and really challenges you to go further. The best part is reading the stories of others doing good. I felt like I was part of something, and that my acts of kindness weren’t alone.DREAMER
Every good deed was a real buzz. The best part was seeing people’s reactions. You get a sense of really making someone’s day.DREAMER

Happiness is in your hands

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