Why we do it?

We believe that everybody is good and people given the opportunity will do good.

We refuse to accept that action of the single person doesn’t impact the world.

We refuse to accept that people are hard and unkind.

We believe that if we create the opportunity for people to do good and if we make people aware of the impact of their single action we will create a real lasting change in the world for future generations.

The love towards us, other people and planet drive us to create innovative solutions for people and organizations to make together a collective impact like never before.

  Why we want to do it
  with companies?

We refuse to believe that the companies strive only to generate profit.

We believe that each business can serves the humanity and push the world forward.

Everybody need to play their role in creating for the Better World and business’s role is for sure significant one.

We believe that the business need engage their customers into the CSR and they should better communicate with their customers about their impact.

The companies have the power to motivate customers to do good, and we help companies to do it on the best possible way.

We believe that we can collectively do more good by inviting companies. their employees and clients to unite for a common purpose!

  Our game-based solution

Real-life game that will engage millions of people into doing good together, collectively.

According to latest Gartner reports gamification will have a significant impact on the design of employee performance and building customer engagement.

That’s why we’ve created real-life game for doing good for you and your customers.

You can create with them measurable impact thank to sharing common purpose and accomplishing collective missions together.

Let’s play the Better World!

  The Core Idea

The Good Cards idea is base of Pay it Forward concept.

People do something good anonymously and you pass the card.

Everyone can start domino effect of good deeds.

People share good deed stories in the mobile application and can track the impact!

  How does it work
  for people?

  How does it work
  for your company?


  Create a Unique experience

It is not about eyeballs. It’s about what your customers will experience with you. This is service economy and your client experience is crucial. Provide them with experiences nobody else did with them yet – experiences that they will tell friends about.

  ADD value to existing customers

Increase return of relationships by winning people’s hearts by the coolness and goodness factor. Increase loyalty to your brand thanks to the value you provide. Imagine how much happiness in the world will be generated if your brand acts together with you clients?

  Attract new people

Increase visibility for new audiences. Raise awareness about your brand and your CSR Effort. People will pass the cards to new people so more and more customers will get to know your brand from the GOOD side!

  Win the hearts by coolness
  and goodness Factor

Make the Y and Z generation like you! Win the heart / favour of Y and Z generation. 63% of Z generation people value companies who are doing CSR and are online. Make the Z generation choose you as a future employer.

  Lead by Example

Statistics shows that more and more people want to do good. Be the first who is doing good and inspire your client to do the same. Display in the mobile app how your CEO and your employees do good! Lead your clients to a better world!

  Be Different

Use the Good Cards to engage your customers into the unique game for doing good. Create your own unique version of The Good Game. How you want to contribute to Better World as an organization? You can definitely stand out from the crowd by engaging thousands of your customers into playing good for a common purpose.

  Unique Content Created by customers

Enjoy authentic stories of good written by your customers. Your good card, your stories. Easy, powerful, consistent, instantly engaging content for your social media and press release!

  Increase Profit
  And Future business

90% of Americans switch business to those who support CSR. Let customers find you through good card. CSR commitments of companies impact the decisions of customers.

  Strengthen your strategic
  priorities and marketing intiatives.

Because of our possibility of full customization you can adjust your game to what’s your current CSR focus is. We want help you reach your goals and we want emphasize your core values. We can do entire program and communication aligned with you, so people will love it.

  Measure Everything

What gets measured, gets managed. Long term, short term or pilot project, good card measures your impact by tracking each and every activity of your impact: numbers of good deeds, how the The Good Cards program influenced the sales of the company and many more.

  Build database and email list.
  Direct people to your website.

You can easily increase the number of visits to your website. It’s all about how you want to “play good with your customers.”

  Drive people to your stores
  to pick up cards.

Promote “The Good Cards pick up” in your stores. Make the distribution process of the cards easy and fun for your customers.

  Make Employees connected.

Connected to each other and connected to the brand. more connected with employees. Be the company who does real change -engage employees and track their CSR work? Good cards will help you. Give a good card to your employees with a CSR task and enable your employees to track their impact!

  It is a hot thing
  to write about!

Imagine the measurable impact you generate. You first good deed will start the domino effect of good deeds. Your company will be in the center of attention. So many wonderful stories will happen and it’s all because you’ve started it! Media will love it!

Let’s change the world together!