Meet Kindness Ambassador


Meet Kindness Ambassador


The team at The Good Cards is so inspired by our Kindness Ambassadors and we’re always excited to welcome someone new into our family. We were delighted to get to know Harold a little better, and hear his story. We hope you are too!

Hi, I’m Harold W. Becker Founder and President of The Love Foundation (nonprofit) and Internal Insights (consulting), writer, speaker, lover of humanity and our precious earth.

What drew you to The Good Cards?

I love any ideas and ways to inspire kindness, especially being intrigued through the use of unfolding technology that can reach beyond beliefs and borders around the world. As I started using The Good Cards and the accompanying app, I was surprised and impressed with the inclusion and understanding of love and kindness to self as a beginning point. In my experience this a rare and often overlooked, yet vitally important, aspect of kindness. I instantly knew this was an extraordinary approach with the right elements to succeed with its vision and potential for touching many lives.

Why do you think it’s important to be kind?

Kindness is a gift for both the giver and the receiver. It amplifies all that is good and natural in life and connects us heart-to-heart. Kindness is fundamentally who we are. Nature knows this through its collaboration with all life forms. Perhaps, we as humans, have forgotten the simplicity of kindness that unites us all on our earthly journey. Life is amazing when kindness is present, and the potential for kindness is always present.

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you? How did it make you feel?

Although kindness has always been a part of my life, one of the more extraordinary experiences was in my teen years. An elderly and somewhat recluse couple a few doors down where I lived, asked me to please put their newspaper in the mailbox by their door each morning so that they would not have to traverse the steps down to retrieve it. Although I gladly did it, they insisted on paying me a dollar each Saturday for this effort and it usually included an additional box of peanut brittle or cookies too. When the elderly husband passed, the wife had to move to her children’s home in another state and decided to leave me their car – an original one-owner 1957 Chevrolet. I was only 15 at the time and would have had no way to afford a car when I turned 16 and could legally drive. It also turns out that this car became a part of a much larger journey into the classic car realm and countless, amazing adventures over the next many years.

What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done for anyone? What was your inspiration to do this?

Kindness is a way of being for me. I love doing the smallest actions, especially anonymously (or relatively anonymously). From washing and waxing a visitors car while unaware of doing it, for example, to quietly leaving a bottle of cold water on the door of a delivery driver’s truck even though he is delivering to a neighbor and not me, there are infinite ways to share our loving kindness. Even a simple smile can, and will, initiate more smiles. The wonderful element of kindness is that it keeps growing and giving far beyond our original experience. Even though we may never know how it made a difference in that moment, it has a way of being an eternal bright spot in people’s lives. Just imagine what will happen when we all remember kindness around the globe and give and receive kindness as a natural part of our individual and collective experience.

Do kind people motivate you to do kind deeds? Tell us about someone that inspires you to be a kinder person.

Any time I witness and/or experience an act of kindness, it instantly reminds me of the presence of love. It also inspires me to be present myself and opens me to intuitive ways to share more kindness. One of the kindest people has been my Mother. She is always considering and taking action on ways to make other people feel loved and special.

If you feel like you’d like to share your thoughts on kindness and what it means to you, reach out to us at and we’d be happy to bring you on board as a Kindness Ambassador. There can never be enough people like this in the world!