The Case for Good News

Jashn Maloo tells us why good news is important!

Written by Kindness Ambassador Jashn Maloo – Jashn

News can be easily divided into two types
1. News that shares negativity and asks us questions and
2. News that tells us about hard work, good deeds being done and gives us solutions to our issues.

What type of news do you prefer?
Most of the news we read and see is about the problems we’re experiencing and to make things worse, the (almost) biased media questions the workings of our religions and beliefs. Many media houses emphasize how to make money without looking at the consequences of the news they serve to people. They sometimes generate fake (and negative) news, just to gain huge profits. And the best idea they have is to spread negativity.

It’s true that both negative and positive news should co-exist, but only focusing on negative news can surely affect your health.

Why negativity though?
It is human tendency to be attracted to ‘what’s wrong’ and people can fall prey to the negative news, disturbing their mental power because they constantly focus on it. Feelings of sadness, fear, and anger arise, disrupting the brain’s thinking capability.

The effects of negative news

  • Can cause stress, which is harmful
  • Divides people

This is experienced by everyone. For every negative news article we see, there’s a potential threat of gaining negative vibes. Although there is some negative news that cannot be ignored, for example, “Thieves entered through the terrace and killed a member of the house while looting everything”. Reading such news creates tension that our neighbourhood is not safe, but also raises awareness about how we can prevent such crimes, by being more secure and alert. But again, only following such news all the time can affect us badly.

British psychologist Dr. Graham Davey explained in Carolyn Gregoire’s Huffington post article, What Constant Exposure To Negative News Is Doing To Our Mental Health,

“Viewing negative news means that you’re likely to see your own personal worries as more threatening and severe, and when you do start worrying about them, you’re more likely to find your worry difficult to control and more distressing than it would normally be.”

A 2001 study by Piotrkowski and Brannen for The National Center for Biotechnology Information, found that people who watched the events of 9/11 on television got disturbed enough to trigger PTSD symptoms – such as worrying about future terrorist attacks and reduced self-confidence. Severity of symptoms, interestingly, was directly correlated with the amount of time the subjects spent watching the news.

So, can positive news help?
Yes, I think so! The way good things, habits, and good news work to keep our body and mind healthy and happy is awesome. Positive news unites people, it makes them think about ways to impart changes for betterment.
Positive psychology researcher Jodie Jackson, and her study, Publishing the Positive, at the University of East London, said,
“Participants expressed that an excess of negative news led them to see the negative in other people and feel isolated from society. However, the opposite was experienced when participants read positive news, which created a sense of admiration for other people and ‘restored [their] faith in humanity’.”

When we see or hear something positive, our mind diverts its function to bring happiness or joy to us. And if we start our week by reading positive or good news, there’s a higher chance of being optimistic for the whole week. Research suggests, a positive mind is a happy mind! A happy mind brings rays of hopes, smiles and charm which can make the day better.

The effects of good news

  • Boosts a person’s belief towards making a difference
  • Keeps the body healthy and safe from many disorders
  • Unites people
  • Keeps unwanted stress and depression at bay
  • Gives a reason to smile
    Inspires people to do good deeds

In almost all research, it has been concluded that good news helps to rejuvenate our happiness, balances or mental functions and gives us a positive way to live life.

So, live happily by including good news in your daily life.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the writer; they do not necessarily reflect the views of Better World International or The Good Cards.

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