Better World International gamifies kindness for students of all ages through The Good Cards program

(Oct. 4, Manhattan, KS) Better World International’s “The Good Cards” initiative continues to work with student programs this fall to integrate kindness and doing good into the educational experience.

The app-based program gamifies kind acts by providing a series of missions where students do good for people and the planet. The physical good cards can then be tracked through the app as they travel across schools inspiring a culture of kindness.

This culture doesn’t create itself. Just ask Corey Harnish, CEO of Better World International, the non-profit creator of The Good Cards project. This is the organization’s second season working with school-based initiatives to infuse kindness into the curriculum. “It’s time we stop talking about the problems with our culture and start providing the tools to initiate positive change,” Harnish says.

“That’s the foundation of The Good Cards initiative — proactivity. This program is designed to catalyze inclusive communities and help inspire students, from elementary school to university, to come together.”

The initiative is doing just that, by partnering with the following programs this fall:

  • Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s “Animal Love” activation: Students of the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine will participate in a program where they will use The Good Cards and a custom mission to cultivate compassion on campus. Students will receive a mission to spend time with their pets or animals, share a story about it in the app, and encourage a friend to do the same – keeping the ripple effect of kindness going.
  • The Kindness Campaign’s “KIND5” Program: This high school workshop engages students in the five pillars of TKC‘s program in connection with Matthew McConaughey’s organization, Just Keep Livin’ (JKL). JKL is dedicated to empowering students to lead active lives and make healthy choices, encouraging students to consider their online presence, live with intention, and be kind to themselves in addition to others. This fall, KIND5 will be using The Good Cards as one of their activations for students, starting them on a journey to do good from themselves. Students will experience the power of kindness firsthand before they go out in the world and share it with others.
  • Rocky Mount Elementary School (VA): The Good Cards were distributed to fifth graders this year to provide a fun and interactive way to practice kindness and service to one another. As a broader initiative, students are also participating in monthly community service projects.The Good Cards and the Good Class lessons have been a nice combination with our overall mission to spread kindness in our school, our community, and our country. Students are understanding what it means to be civic-minded and helping one another!

Adryanna Drake, Clinical Assistant Professor, Counselor at the KSU College of Veterinary medicine, explains the benefits of participating in The Good Cards initiative for students of the program, “Getting outside of yourself and supporting others may be the ultimate self-care act. It benefits the receiver of the good deed, and it brings even a larger benefit to the doer of the good deed. The Good Cards create an opportunity to bring veterinary students out of the intense academic responsibilities, connect with others, improve their sense of community and their mental health.”

“We measure the success of The Good Cards by its ability to positively touch lives and inspire others to spread kindness,” Harnish explains. “Needless to say, we are encouraged by the nearly 50 schools we have partnered within the last year, as well as the number of requests coming in.”

“And this is just the beginning,” he continues. “We will keep working with today’s youth to create positive and inclusive communities that further our goal of bringing more happiness into this world.”

For schools interested in using The Good Cards this school year or to learn more about #KindnessWeek, happening this November, send an email to

About Better World International and The Good Cards
Better World International is a tech-gaming not-for-profit that combines a vision of a better world with technology-driven solutions for social change. Its series of real-life games are being developed to encourage a global trend of doing good, while empowering people to take small positive actions and see their impact in real time. The Good Cards, a Better World International project, is an innovative online-gaming platform and app that engages people worldwide in doing good deeds for happiness and global sustainability. Better World International is a 501(c)(3) and is soliciting donations to sustain its growth. Learn more about The Good Cards and please donate: