Raise awareness and funds through
through a fun and innovative way.


  Why we do it?

We believe that everybody is good and people given the opportunity will do good.

We refuse to accept that action of the single person doesn’t impact the world.

We refuse to accept that people are hard and unkind.

We believe that if we create the opportunity for people to do good and if we make people aware of the impact of their single action we will create a real lasting change in the world for future generations.

The love towards us, other people and planet drive us to create innovative solutions for people and organizations to make together a collective impact like never before.

  Why we do it
  with nonprofits ?

We want to truly support the social movement and social causes that our brothers and sisters decided to fight for.

We want to help you to raise money in a very innovative way, and spread awareness about your cause.

We want to inspire your supporters to do more good and spread the message that the world is changing and it’s happening right now!

We want you to be a part of The Good Game movement cause you’re changing the world too!

We want connect and help each other to achieve shared dream: Better World!

By supporting each other we can be stronger like never before.

  Our game-based solution

Real-life game that will engage millions of people into doing good together, collectively.

According to latest Gartner reports gamification will have a significant impact on the design of employee performance and building customer engagement.

That’s why we’ve created real-life game for doing good for you and your customers.

You can create with them measurable impact thank to sharing common purpose and accomplishing collective missions together.

Let’s play the Better World!

  The Core Idea

The Good Cards idea is base of Pay it Forward concept.

People do something good anonymously and you pass the card.

Everyone can start domino effect of good deeds.

People share good deed stories in the mobile application and can track the impact!

  How does it work
  for your people?

  How does it work
  for your organization?


  Add value to your current supports

We know that. They love you. So share some love with them as well. Let them play, have fun, and help them become a better person.
It’s about what your supporters will experience with you. Imagine, even how much happier they could see if they could start their own small domino effect of good deeds thanks to you!
Give them a new reason to support you and make this world a better place.

  Win the hearts by coolness
  and goodness Factor

It is not about eyeballs. It’s about what your customers will experience with you. This is service economy and your client experience is crucial. Provide them with experiences nobody else did with them yet – experiences that they will tell friends about.

  Spread awareness
  around your cause

Enhance your message about the impact you made through the mobile app that’s designed to make your our efforts seen. You’re story is always first in the app. Because of collective goals we can prove how you progress in supporting your cause and how many people are engage into making this world a better place together with you.

  Raise more funds

It is fresh and innovative way of raising more money. The World is changing and doing good becoming a global trend. The Good Game is truly aligned with current trends – Gamification and Community support. By offering The Good Cards as added value for your customers you can increase the amount of donation floating to your nonprofit.

  Lead by example

It is new and fresh. It is within current trend. It is innovative. Statistics how that more and more people want to do good. Be the first who does good and inspire your clients to do the same.

  Win people’s hearts
  through coolness and goodness

There is no better way to win people’s heart by showing them how cool is doing good, volunteering,, caring and acting for a Better World together. Dreamers need to stick together and support each others – spread some love and attract the right people.

  Join global social movement

We can create kinder world faster. Because of gamified experience we can grab the attention of more people and guide them step by step for good deeds activities. Together we can create real global movement about doing good! Let your nonprofit be a part of it!

Grow your nonprofit with
The Good Cards!