The Good Cards Selected as Semi-Finalist in Project Heha “Super Happiness!” Challenge – Please Vote for The Good Cards

PALO ALTO, CA – October 9, 2017 – The Good Cards, a gamification platform and app for individual and corporate social responsibility, has been selected as a semi-finalist in Project HeHa’s first “Super Happiness!” Award. The “Super Happiness!” Award attracts happiness-creating startups, from around the globe, to share how they’ve taken happiness creation to the next level. The winner of Project HeHa’s Popularity Contest will receive a cash prize of $5,000 USD to help keep their momentum growing. Anyone can help spread more happiness by taking the next 30 seconds to vote online at: Vote!

“The Good Cards is all about creating happiness – sustainable happiness in a sustainable world,” said Corey Harnish, CEO of The Good Cards. “The prize money from Project HeHa will help us take one step further with development of our game and missions to grow our impact. Please play your part in a happier world and vote by October 14: Vote for The Good Cards.

The Good Cards online gaming platform uses a mobile app to combine social activism with global awareness, for living happier and more fulfilled lives. Beyond that, The Good Cards encourages people to take action for social good, build positive habits, and become more socially responsible citizens, all in a fun and meaningful way. The Good Cards platform educates and guides users on how to take action for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, start community initiatives, reduce food waste, and so much more.

“Using gamification, in a real-time mobile app, motivates digital citizens to harness the power of technology, in an effective and practical way, to address real issues we face today.” said Pavo Alva, founder of Better World International, the nonprofit group building The Good Cards project. “The Good Cards bridges the gap between the physical and virtual world, enabling people to take social action in a fun and meaningful way.”

Happiness is in YOUR Hands
Your chance to make a difference is NOW, and it only takes 30 seconds. Vote for The Good Cards by October 14: Vote Today! to help us win the HeHa prize. Your one vote WILL make a difference and help to create a happier world.

Once you vote come join the movement and start your own kindness chain with The Good Cards.

About The Super Happiness Challenge
The Super Happiness Challenge is one of the first initiatives of Project Heha—a worldwide movement to help people achieve super happiness, and co-create a happier world. The Project Heha team believes that people have an innate need to be happy and to share that happiness with others. However, the collective level of happiness has not kept up with its potential growth, despite technological advances and improved quality of life. The Super Happiness Challenge is designed to empower ideas and solutions that directly address this unmet need for happiness.
About Better World International and The Good Cards
Better World International is a tech-gaming nonprofit that combines a vision of a better world with technology-driven solutions for social change. Its series of real-life games are being developed to encourage a global trend of doing good, while empowering people to take small positive actions and see their impact in real time. The Good Cards, a Better World International project, is an innovative online-gaming platform and app that engages people worldwide in doing good deeds for happiness and global sustainability. Better World International is a 501(c)(3) and is soliciting donations to sustain its growth. Learn more about The Good Cards and please donate: