How You Can Help?

If you are a person who would like to help us make this happen on a big scale, and generate millions of good deeds around the world, here are a few ways you can help:

1. Help us finance our next developer.
The project right now has 67 000 lines of code. We finished the version 1.0 But in front of us are many features that have not been built yet, they are beautiful additions. We also have many ideas for making this real life game absolutely the best. Your 5 $ per month on our patreon account can help us get there!

2. Cool Sponsors! and Philanthropists!

Every project needs additional funds to accelerate its growth. We could do soo much more, having additional funds. Imagine, more competitions, rewards, and everything about doing good that can inspire thousands. If you know some great people who especially like innovative, social impact real life games! Connect us!

3. Help us test the APP.
We are going to run a lot of quality tests before the release. Can you help put 2-3 hours per week to go through app, help us find the bugs, write your opinion? Leave comments on iOS or play store? Connect with us!

4. Bring your friend to the tests! – Anonymously
After the release we need to do something that we call controlled tests. We want to bring your friends to a coffee shop that we will choose together ahead of the time. Your friend will get a free coffee with a card. You cannot tell him anything! After 10 days, we would like to connect with your friend through you, and ask him or her what he or she was thinking? How did they like the card, the app? What were their emotions? Those tests are very important and will help us a lot with improving the app, before the ultimate release in second part of 2017! You will be our point of connection with that friend!

5. Car
We are renting a car right now which costs us a lot of money. Do you have a spare car to lend us? Maybe you want to sell one for cheap? Or maybe you want to donate that to our not for profit for a tax write off? Maybe you have 3 and you not using one of them. Or maybe you have RV ? Let us know, anything helps. We aren’t looking for anything fancy.

6. Do you have any cool connections in media? Radio? Journalists? TV stations?
Do you know people in local newspaper? Tell them about us. Even the small things count!

7. Tell people about us!
Take a photo with the Dreamers Glasses, put it on your wall, mention us, write our hashtag #HappinessInYourHands! Bring your friends, show them the project, show them the cards, bring them to our release event. Get a poster! Everything counts!

8. Help us to distribute the cards!
Our goal is to find the first 1000 people! Until the release date! It is a big number of people!
Do you know any charity event that we can show up on? Do you know festivals that are happening? Can you help us on the streets? Do you have some cool ideas?

9. Leonardo Dicaprio
Do you know how we can get to him with this project? Do you know anyone who can connect us with his agent or CEO of his foundation? Having support of people like him we can really change the world. And we might have something that he is looking for!

10. Video
Our game has video guides. Real people doing real things. Right now, everything we do, we do on our own, using our pretty old equipment. If you know professionals that could help us record some good videos. Or maybe you have a drone, or know a company that could sponsor some equipment. That is great!

11. Zappos, Southwest Airlines, AirBNB, Tesla!
We believe that to make this project great, and generate thousands of thousands of good deeds around the world, we will have to find the right partners. Partners that are aligned with our vision of a Better, more united world, where people are doing good for each other. We can help them, make their users love them even more, and they can help us make this world a better place! If you know anybody inside of these companies, please connect us. Tell them about us. They might be very happy and we have something special for them.

12. Good Girl Actress
Inside of the game we plan to have two guides. Good Guy and Good Girl. We are looking for spontanious good girl from Los Angeles, who can do good with us, and who will become a guide for people to show them and inspire them how to do good. If you know someone like that. Connect us. Maybe she will be the one that we will do things with.

13. Philanthropists
Every project needs additional fundings to accelerate its growth. We could have more rewards, and significantly accelerate. If you know someone who is a philanthropist and wants to do good, we might be a great opportunity for them to use the funds for good!

14. Coffee shops
We plan to partner with coffee shops for card distribution. We found the model where they can have a lot of benefits and it can be a super win by cooperating with us. Do you know any cool coffee shops? Do you know any great owners that want to make this world a better place? If yes Connect us 🙂 They might be grateful! The same model works, with sustainable restaurants, juicy bars, yoga studios, etc!

15. Get ready for Launch!
Join the facebook events and participate in release as well as the Big Launch date. Like us on facebook, signup for our email updates! Join the facebook events and share!

16. Influencers!
Do you know great Youtuber in Los Angeles that can do good with us, and record great material out of it? Do you know some cool people that can join our movement? Show them what we do! Connect us! It will help a lot!

17. Innovative card distribution machine!
We have a plan to build an Innovative stand, that will distribute the cards, with a video and speakers. Are you an engineer? Do you know how to build something like that for cheap? Connect with us!

18. Join the Online Team!
Do you have at least 20 hours per week for at least several months? Join our online team! We have a lot of work, with press, social media, and also outreach to media and Influencers? It is intensive but we provide courses, a great team, great culture and we make sure you are going to grow like crazy!

19. Festival, Places, Events
Do you know what kind of places we can show up to distribute the cards at? Do you know a manager of a festival place? Do you know any Charity Runs? Or Charity that we can partner with! Let us know!

20. Accountant and Attorney
Do you know a great accountant or Attorney with a big heart that can help out with reduced fees! We hire freelancers right now, but it would be great to have someone very trusted for long term!

Do you want to help us?