Meet Kindness Ambassador


Meet Kindness Ambassador


The Good Cards is very excited to introduce one of our new Kindness Ambassadors to our community, Jashn. Like all of our Kindness Ambassadors, Jashn aligns with our values and wants to make the word a better place through kindness and doing good for others. We asked Jashn a bit about himself and kindness.

Hi, I’m Jashn Maloo from the state of Rajasthan, India. A poet, student, social worker, entrepreneur. Inspired by my name (Jashn = Happiness), I’m living with a dream to save the earth from wars and depression. I’ll be pursuing a medical degree and then will devote all my time to helping this world. My hobbies include writing poems, articles, surfing the web and studying the whole day. Technology and literature make up most of my interests and in between I like to ‘think a lot’ about how we (humans) can improve.

What drew you to The Good Cards?

The idea, the simplicity and the way of working collectively made The Good Cards my favourite organization.

Why do you think it’s important to be kind?

Suppose no one is kind, what will happen? Due to everyone’s selfishness, Mother Earth will suffer and in the end we all will die, right?
And in no way do I permit that. So all we need is love, goodness and kindness to make our Earth a better place.

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you? How did it make you feel?

It was raining heavily and I had an exam. When I reached my exam center, I found that on the way I lost my pencil box. The watchman heard this and politely gave me his pen. But he needed the pen for his job because people had to use it to sign in. To this he said, “Don’t worry child, I’ll go and buy one, it’s urgent for you and going out in rain can affect you badly so take it. And because I don’t have an exam, I’ll go and buy another one.”

To me, it was one of the kindest things that ever happened. It made me feel gracious and his kindness touched my heart.

What is the kindest thing you’ve ever done for anyone? What was your inspiration to do this?

We have this tale in Hindi – “Neki kar dariya me daal” (Be discreet with your kindness). So I don’t remember the good things I’m doing. But yes, I try to put a smile on others faces. I also run an organization to help people learn how to cope with depression.

How does one feel when helping someone or showing kindness to someone? Obviously amazing, like butterflies in your stomach!

Do kind people motivate you to do kind deeds? Tell us about someone that inspires you to be a kinder person.

Yep, but not only kind people; the kindness shown by animals also motivates me to do kind deeds. My father inspires me in this area. He is always ready to donate to NGOs, for organizing food programmes for needy people. He’s totally an inspiration.

If you would like to become a Kindness Ambassador or interested in partnering with us for a school or community project, email The Good Cards at