After being hit by Hurricane Maria back in September, residents of Puerto Rico are still struggling to get access to clean water.
And YOU can make a difference!

Despite government assistance, many lack this basic necessity. Making it nearly impossible to survive, let alone piece their lives back together.

We can Help these survivors by joining alongside our partners at WATERisLIFE.

Ranking among the world's top 5 water relief organizations, WATERisLIFE is giving you the chance to buy one case of water for yourself and donate 100% of the purchase price at the same time!

Sounds incredible right?

You can now send two personal water filter straws to people in need in Puerto Rico.

Plus, your donation will Aid in the creation of a water treatment plan for an entire village of over 1,000 people.

That provides over 5000 days of clean water.

That's over 13 years!

Your purchase helps the WATERisLIFE community raise the money needed to make this plan a reality.

Why not give two year's worth of clean drinking sending two straws. Both will be directly sent to a Hurricane Maria survivor.

Each straw is a portable water purifier that can be worn around the neck. It provides:

Clean drinking water for a year

Protection from waterborne diseases

Immediate access to clean drinking water while waiting for a more long term solution