Fresh Water Filters for Puerto Rico Delivered by Two Innovative Not for Profits — The Good Cards and WATERisLIFE

The Good Cards leverages the power of social media, and the reach of its global tribe of Dreamers, to raise funds for the WATERisLIFE Campaign, delivering clean water to those in peril in Puerto Rico

PALO ALTO, CA (20 November, 2017) – The Good Cards, the digital platform that promotes kindness through an app designed for gaming fun, is partnering with WATERisLIFE, a transformative water sanitation non-profit, to help solve Puerto Rico’s water crisis. The Good Cards Tribe is focusing their social media and outreach programs to raise funds to help #EnditToday, with clean drinking water produced by WATERisLIFE filter straws, for the people of Puerto Rico.

How you can help Puerto Rico

Please visit

● Buy a set of WATERisLIFE filter straws for two people in need in Puerto Rico – a $20 donation
● Buy a case of water, where all profit is given for clean water programs in Puerto Rico

WATERisLIFE is dedicated to #EndItToday and to save lives all over the world, by providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. During a disaster, like the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, WATERisLIFE straw filters provide an immediate clean water solution to save lives. The straw filter is a portable water purifier, which can be used in any water source to provide clean and safe drinking water nearly right away.
“The devastating crisis caused by the hurricanes hitting Puerto Rico, struck the hearts of all The Good Cards’ Dreamers,” said Corey Harnish, CEO of Better World International. “With the rate of global climate change and the associated natural and man-made disasters, we all need to work together to help each other. The Good Cards has developed a social media community and is activating its global tribe to get the word out.”

WATERisLIFE is the 6th largest water sanitation organization helping to provide clean water + sanitation & Hygiene to the 663 million people who lack access to clean water. Through community-driven and community-engaged programs, WATERisLIFE works closely with nonprofit partners, local governments, and community organizations to focus on an integrated approach that ensures households, schools, orphanages and medical facilities have access to safe water, proper sanitation, and hygiene programs.

About Better World International and The Good Cards
Better World International is a tech-gaming non-profit that combines a vision of a better world with technology-driven solutions for social change. Its series of real-life games are being developed to encourage a global trend of doing good, while empowering people to take small positive actions and see their impact in real time. The Good Cards, a Better World International project, is an innovative online-gaming platform and app that engages people worldwide in doing good deeds for happiness and global sustainability. Better World International is a 501(c)(3) and is soliciting donations to sustain its growth. Learn more about The Good Cards and please donate: