Discover the story behind The Good Cards and learn how two people decided to create Better World throughout the game, based on the personal interview with Paweł and Dorota.

Boy on a flying over the clouds on a briefcase
“We are the Dreamers. Citizens of the World.
We care, we love. We want to change the World.
We can’t give up. We can do this.
We learn, we grow.
We do great things, with others who dream.
We lead the way. We are are pioneers.
We do things, that was never done
We act as one. The change has begun.
We do good we pass it on
We do not destroy. We help it grow.
We will change the world.” Manifesto created by BWI team

We had a dream that our children will grow up in the different world.
World where people are helping each other. World with no wars no poverty.
World where life is free and beautiful, and is a wonderful adventure.
And we all live on this as a one human with alignment with animals and nature.
We had a dream where technology is not blocked by greed and corporation.
Where all buildings, modes of transport and energy sourcing is renewable and sustainable.
Where the media will spread happiness, truth and good news.
We had a dream where people live and grow with the flow of mother nature.
Where they respecting all life on earth with no need for killing people or animals.
Where education is fundamental to sustain the human race, to achieve a more interactive body of people.
We had a dream that food and medicines are healthy and organic.
In a world where humans cooperate with no boundaries.
Where everyone supports and loves each other.
Where there is no wealth divide, because there will be enough for everyone.
We had a dream that humans will grow together, support each other and give love to one another.
We had a dream about a Better World.

You’re probably wondering how this dream came to life. Discover more about the story behind this vision below.



Pawel and Dorota originally met by chance at a Business Networking Conference, after Pawel had made the decision to leave the financial world, and Dorota had recently graduated from the University of Economics in Poznan. Dorota was also currently working for a Polish start up company, and Pawel was preparing to organise his Dreamers event and crowdfunding campaign for the 5 Pieces of Advice project (an initiative that would help spread collective wisdom between different demographics across the world). As the two began to talk, they realised that they both shared the same aspirations and dreams to make the world a better and more loving place. From that moment, both with a passion for business as well as social good, Dorota began helping Pawel with the 5 Pieces of Advice project. Pawel knew that he needed to find a way to engage more people into collecting knowledge and doing good things around the world. He wanted to make 5 Pieces of Advice bigger and more engaging, and after many evenings of brainstorming, they came up with The Good Cards.

Photo of Dorota giving the peace sign and Pawel looking back as he's erasing the whiteboard
“I had always had the feeling I needed to change the world, but I knew I couldn’t do it alone” Pawel



Inspiration can be found anywhere, but it was the Disney movie Tomorrowland, that we have to thank for playing muse to Pawel and Dorota. The 2015 movie, starring George Clooney, sees a teenager bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a memory they both share. This is what inspired Pawel to start The Good Cards project and encourage a domino-effect of good deeds. The film dared Pawel and Dorota to dream about a better planet, in which Dreamers make themselves and others happy by making the world a better place through The Good Cards game. The drive to change the world and create happiness are common traits the idealist Dreamers share.

“The bright minds that are invited to Tomorrowland really exist among us, and all it takes to change the world, is connecting these bright minds and all working together towards a Better World” Pawel
A Tomorrowland photo of a men and boy looking over the sky in a wheat field.

Image from Disney’s Tomorrowland (2015)


Pawel and Dorota’s dream of a better world

After many hours of brainstorming and collaborating they wanted their brand to become “a global success” and dreamed of a campaign with such high visibility (including posters on public transport) that this call for action would initiate a huge movement amongst civilians, towards doing good for other people.

Pawel recalled:

A girl wearing a cape looking over the city
“Thinking about someone seeing a story at the bus stop about forgiving somebody, and then the reader picking up the phone and reconnecting with their mother or father to rebuild important relationships. We are giving these stories and getting them out there. We wanted the people who shared these stories to be the heroes, to save other people, to help others.”Pawel

This really emphasised the importance of sharing experiences, and the impact that sharing personal stories of wisdom or kindness (as in The Good Cards game) can have on other people. Therefore, Pawel believed that The Good Cards was the perfect way to reinforce the philosophy of 5 Pieces of Advice, and make it more gamified, engaging and enabling to a bigger audience.

The pay it forward and traceability aspect of The Good Cards, inspired by the sharing nature of 5 Pieces of Advice, was born when an issue was raised about people doubting the size of their individual impact on the world. If people can trace the impact of their good deeds through the stories of other people, they will be more convinced of their power to do good. Pawel and Dorota placed great emphasis on wanting the people sharing their stories, and taking part in their project, to be the true heroes of this story.

With The Good Cards, the real aim is to unite current Dreamers, awaken dormant Dreamers and inspire non-dreamers to find their faith in humanity and become Dreamers too. This is all made possible through the simplest of processes.

“I would like to see doing good become a trend around the world, and have millions of stories in our system in the next five years”Dorota
Dorota smiling while holding up The Good Card

Dorota with The Good Card

Pawel wearing blue eyeglasses while holding up The Good Card

Pawel with The Good Card

“Everyone has the capacity to do good and they will do it if they have a chance.”Pawel

Pawel and Dorota share an unflinching belief in the good of humanity and follow the philosophy that:

“Every human being has a light inside. everyone. And some of the people cover this with darkness a lot. And some people have less darkness in their hearts, and their light it’s more visible. So the light of the Dreamer is just lighter. But it doesn’t mean they’re different. It means that they just have less darkness. But all the people on earth are created from the light.
Somewhere inside everybody’s loving and caring. Because this is in our nature.
And people don’t care because they were hurt or something bad happened, so their light don’t shine that much.
The way people can strengthen their light, is by doing something good for themselves and other people.”Pawel

The Good Cards also follows the philosophy of combining hearts and minds in the journey towards a Better World. This is what the design of Dreamer’s Glasses represents: the square reflects our minds, and the circle reflects our hearts. The glasses, each with one square and one circle lens represents how the heart and mind work together with a common purpose!

Although, initially, Pawel’s idea was centred on people helping other people, this dream quickly evolved into something bigger and even more profound. Between them, Pawel and Dorota realised that they wanted to have an even bigger impact, and concluded that they also needed to address loving ourselves, as well as the condition of our planet in a time of undeniable climate change and environmental instability.

The Dreamers Glasses in color red from the The Good Card box

The Dreamers Glasses from The Good Card Box

The main goal of The Good Cards became to encourage people to look after themselves, each other AND the planet.

Dorota and Pawel wanted to prove to people that spreading kindness starts with just one person, and one act of kindness can start this domino effect of hospitality and happiness. The belief is that this will enforce the belief and motivation behind current Dreamers, and inspire dormant, and non Dreamers to initiate action, and contribute to the project.

A big part of the dream is to see a collaboration business/ profit world, and the nonprofit world, so collective action can be taken towards making the planet happier and healthier.

Two little boys wearing astronaut suits overlooking to the sun
“It would be great to see individuals, nonprofits and companies united towards a common goal”Dorota



Two people against the world might seem unnervingly negative odds, but the recruitment of their first international intern, Corey Harnish from the United States, saw huge progress in the start of a very successful internship program, which has now attracted people from all around the world.

Dorota and Pawel smiling with enthusiam

Pawel, Dorota and Corey working together

Pawel hanging over a laptop with Corey on a skype video call giving out a peace sign

But not only did Corey help kickstart the recruitment of Dreamers across the globe, he also became the third funder for The Good Cards project! And so began the start of the crazy culture that underpins this innovative, gamified project that aims to change the world.

We have now connected Dreamers across the globe, including Poland, America, England, Jordan and Ukraine. We operate across several time zones, so Better World International, much like New York, never sleeps, as we endeavor to create a better, more beautiful world.

“Not many nonprofit start up organisations I can think of operate on such an efficient and fluid scale, on this remote environment.”Dorota
Pawel and Dorota speaking with collaborators

Pawel and Dorota speaking with collaborators over Skype

Six photos of various dreamers spreading their and giving each other hugs

Some of our Dreamers spreading love to one another




Article written by Beth Stevens – Intern at Better World International